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Project overview :

Alton Lane, an American menswear company, embarked on a strategic initiative to enhance its decision-making processes and performance evaluation through the creation of a comprehensive dashboard. This dashboard is designed to provide key insights and performance metrics related to sales, revenue, and employee performance. The project aimed to offer a consolidated view of the company’s operations, enable data-driven decisions, and optimize business strategies.

What we did for this project :

  1. Dashboard Creation:
    • Developed a user-friendly dashboard to house critical performance metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs).
    • Incorporated interactive visual elements to facilitate data interpretation.
  1. Performance Analysis:
  • Total Sales and Revenue: Presented the total sale orders and revenue data using graph charts and tables. Included the calculation of the sum of clothes.
    Revenue Trend by Region: Utilized bar charts to visualize revenue trends by region, enabling a comparison of store performance across countries.
  1. Performance Trends:
  • Trend Analysis: Conducted performance trend analysis across various dimensions, including year, month, store, garments type, and employees. Utilized pie charts and bar charts to represent these trends.
  1. Actual vs. Target Comparison:
    Sales Order vs. Target: Displayed the comparison between actual sales orders and target sales orders using graph charts.
    Revenue vs. Target: Illustrated the comparison between actual revenue and target revenue using graph charts.

    Revenue Trend by Region: Presented revenue and target data by region in a bar chart table format.

  1. Archive Management:
    Created an archive section to track historical data, including salesperson details, location, amount, quantity, product, and high-priority items. This data is presented in a tabular view, ensuring easy access to historical information.
  1. Employee Performance:
    Ranking Metrics:
    Established performance rankings by region, salesperson, customer, and customer traffic. Utilized bar charts to visualize these rankings, providing valuable insights into employee performance.

Project results :

The creation of the Alton Lane dashboard has led to the following results:

• Enhanced data-driven decision-making with easy access to critical performance metrics.
• Improved monitoring of sales, revenue, and employee performance trends.
• Better alignment with targets through the “Actual vs. Target” analysis.
• Streamlined access to historical data for reference and analysis.
• More effective evaluation of employee performance through rankings and performance metrics.

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