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Project overview :

This project aims to provide high-level management at Curis Health with comprehensive insights into the healthcare landscape in two key regions, Dubai and Kuwait. We have undertaken an in-depth analysis of various aspects of the healthcare ecosystem, including market trends, bio markers testing, patient profiles, treatment shares, and treatment dynamics. By leveraging Power BI, we have systematically transformed raw data into actionable insights and visualizations that will inform strategic decision-making.

What we did for this project :

Data Collection:

  • Collected data from various sources in Dubai and Kuwait, including hospitals, clinics, and healthcare institutions.
  • Acquired datasets related to patient profiles, bio markers testing results, treatment regimens, and hospital-specific information.

Data Analysis:

  • Conducted comprehensive data analysis to identify trends, patterns, and correlations within the healthcare data.
  • Utilized statistical methods to derive meaningful insights from the data.

Power BI Integration:

  • Employed Power BI, a powerful business intelligence tool, to streamline data visualization and reporting.
  • Developed customized dashboards and reports within Power BI for an interactive and user-friendly presentation of findings.


  • Created visually appealing and informative charts, graphs, and tables within Power BI to effectively communicate the results.
  • Utilized Power BI’s capabilities to generate KPIs and percentage-based comparisons for key metrics.

Insights Generation:

  • Derived critical insights related to market dynamics, bio markers testing outcomes, patient profiles, treatment shares, and treatment dynamics.
  • Identified opportunities for optimizing healthcare services, improving patient care, and enhancing operational efficiency.

Project results :

Share the key findings and insights from your project. This section should include:

Market Landscape: Highlight the trends, challenges, and opportunities in the healthcare market in Dubai and Kuwait.

Bio Markers Testing: Summarize the results of bio markers testing for MBC and EBC, including specific tests and their outcomes.
Patient Profile: Present insights on the patient profiles for MBC and EBC, including demographics and diagnostic details.
Treatment Shares: Discuss the distribution of treatment regimens and types for MBC and EBC.
Treatment Dynamics: Share information on the progression of treatments in terms of the number of patients and their current lines.

Market Coverage: List the hospitals and institutions included in the study.

Include visualizations, graphs, or charts created in Power BI to illustrate your results effectively.

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