Graphic Designing


4 week

Project overview :

Essence, a brand under Kafi Commodities (Pvt) Limited, is dedicated to delivering highquality food products to clients worldwide. Operating internationally, Essence is recognized for its commitment to purity and quality in its offerings. Kafi Commodities has incorporated Essence as its in-house brand, establishing a strong presence in international markets. This project entailed the creation of post designs for Essence. As a company specializing in graphic design, we were tasked with producing designs for their posts, which were intended
for use on their website and social media platforms.

What we did for this project :

In our role as a graphic design company working with Essence, we took on the following key responsibilities:

Design Creation: We crafted visually appealing post designs that effectively showcased the features and benefits of Waadli’s premium indoor doormats. These designs aimed to attract potential customers and communicate the practicality of the product.
Product Representation: It was crucial to ensure that the designs accurately represented the unique selling points of the indoor doormats, particularly their ability to absorb moisture and dirt. This accuracy played a pivotal role in conveying essential product details to potential customers.
Multi-Platform Integration: The post designs were versatile and suitable for use not only on Waadli’s website but also on their Amazon product listings. This approach ensured a consistent and professional product image across various online platforms.

Project results :

The project delivered the following outcomes:

  1. Elevated Product Presentation: The post designs significantly improved the presentation of Essence’s food products, making them more appealing and informative to potential customers. This, in turn, contributed to increased product visibility and potential sales.
  2. Strengthened Brand Identity: The designs consistently represented the brand’s values, emphasizing its commitment to purity and quality. This served to further bolster the brand’s image and credibility, ultimately fostering trust among customers.
  3. Versatile Marketing Assets: The designs’ versatility allowed Essence to effectively utilize them not only on their website but also on their social media platforms. This not only streamlined their marketing efforts but also maintained a consistent and professional brand identity.

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