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3 Days

Project overview :

A content management system helps you create, manage, and publish content on the web. It also keep content organized and accessible so it can be used and repurposed effectively. There are various kinds of content management systems available—from cloud-based to a headless CMS—to meet every audience need.

What we did for this project :

1. Imports: The project begins with the necessary imports, including the use of undetected_chromedriver for a stealthy Selenium session, various Selenium libraries for web automation, autoit for file uploads, and the time module for controlling the timing of various actions.
2. Login: A Facebook account is used for the automation, and the user’s email and password are defined. The script then navigates to the Facebook Reels Composer page and logs in using these credentials.
3. Publish Function: A custom function, publish(), is defined to automate the video publishing process. This function takes a URL, video file path, and optional captions as parameters.
• The function navigates to the specified URL on Facebook.
• It waits for the caption input field to appear and populates it with the provided captions.
• The video file is uploaded using the autoit library, which simulates a file upload dialog.
• The function proceeds to navigate through the steps required to publish the video on Facebook.
4. Publish Loop: A loop is created to repeatedly publish the same video with captions, simulating the process 25 times. This is done by calling the publish() function within the loop.
5. Sleep: The script sleeps for 15 seconds after the publishing loop to allow time for the publishing process to complete.

Project results :

The project demonstrates the automation of video publishing on Facebook through the Facebook Reels Composer. It successfully logs in, uploads a video, adds captions, and publishes the video multiple times. The project showcases the capabilities of Selenium, the Undetected ChromeDriver, and the autoit library in automating complex web interactions.

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