Linkedin Scrap

Linkedin Scrap






5 Days

Project overview :

This project focuses on automating the process of scraping job listings from LinkedIn’s job search page. It utilizes Selenium, a web automation framework, to interact with the LinkedIn job search page, extract job details, and save the data to a CSV file.

What we did for this project :

1. Imports: The project starts by importing the necessary libraries and modules, including Selenium, ChromeDriverManager for managing the Chrome driver, and CSV for data storage. It also configures ChromeOptions for the web browser and initializes a Chrome WebDriver.

2. Navigate to LinkedIn Job Search: The script navigates to a specific LinkedIn job search page in Canada, searching for “Data Scientist” positions.

3. Scrolling and Loading More Results: The script uses JavaScript to scroll the web page down to load more job listings. It dynamically checks for the appearance of a “Load more results” button and clicks it when it appears, up to a limit of 5 iterations.

4. Iterating Through Job Listings: It identifies job cards and iterates through them, clicking on each job card to reveal more details.

5. Extracting Job Details: For each job card, it extracts and stores various details, including the job title, location, company, employment type, and job description. It uses Selenium’s features for locating elements and extracting text.

6. Handling Load More and “See More”: The script handles situations where “Load more results” and “See more” buttons appear. It clicks the “See more” button to reveal more job details when necessary.

7. Saving Data to CSV: The extracted job details are written to a CSV file with the headers “Title,” “Location,” “Company,” “Job description,” and “Employment Type.”

Project results :

The project successfully scrapes job listings from LinkedIn, including essential details such as job titles, locations, companies, job descriptions, and employment types. The data is saved to a CSV file, making it accessible for further analysis or storage.

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