Rise Of Kindom






4 Days

Project overview :

The project involves automating a series of tasks related to image recognition and mouse interactions on a computer. This automation script is designed to work with a specific application or game, as indicated by the use of image recognition to locate and click on certain elements on the screen. The script uses several Python libraries, including PyAutoGUI, Mouse, Keyboard, Firebase, and Pillow, to achieve its automation goals.

What we did for this project :

  1.  Imports: The project starts with the necessary library imports, which include PyAutoGUI for simulating mouse and keyboard inputs, Mouse for mouse-related interactions, Keyboard for registering hotkeys, Firebase Admin for connecting to a database, and Pillow for image processing.
    2. Image Resizing: The script includes a function called resize_image() that resizes images to match the screen resolution. This is necessary because the script uses image recognition to locate specific elements on the screen.
    3. Firebase Database Check: The script connects to a Firebase database using credentials from a JSON file. It queries the database to check for a specific key entered by the user and retrieves associated data if the key exists. The Firebase database is used for some form of authentication or configuration.
    4. Automate Function: The automate() function is the core of the automation process. It performs the following tasks:

    • Simulates a left-click using the Mouse library to initiate an action.
    • Obtains the screen’s width and height using PyAutoGUI for image resizing purposes.
    • Resizes a set of images to match the screen resolution. These images are later used for image recognition.
    • Locates a specific image (s1.png) on the screen with a confidence threshold of 80%. If the image is found, it moves the mouse cursor to its center and simulates a left-click. This process repeats for a set of images (s2.png to s5.png).
    • Each image recognition and interaction step is followed by a one-second delay to control the pacing of the automation.

    5. Hotkey Registration: The script registers a hotkey (ctrl + shift + z) to trigger the automate() function. This allows the user to initiate the automation by pressing the designated hotkey.

    6. User Interaction: The script requests the user to input an app key, which is checked in the Firebase database. If a valid key is found, the script registers the hotkey for automation.

    7. Project Results: The project is designed for automating specific interactions with an application or game. It relies on image recognition to locate elements on the screen and simulate mouse clicks. The use of Firebase for key validation suggests that this script could be part of a larger system where specific actions or configurations are authorized based on keys stored in a database.

Problem Encountered: 

In the process of automating actions within the game Rise of Kingdoms, we encountered a significant challenge related to the detection of buttons and user interface elements. This challenge arose due to the presence of many similar pixels on the screen and variations in screen sizes.

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