Tetris Game

Tetris Game






3 Days

Project overview :

The project is a Python implementation of the classic game Tetris using the Pygame library. Tetris is a tile-matching puzzle video game where the player must manipulate and position falling blocks to create complete rows without gaps.

What we did for this project :

  1. Game Logic: The project defines the core game logic for Tetris, including the representation of blocks and their rotations, the game board, scoring, and interactions.
  2. User Interface: The game provides a simple user interface using Pygame, allowing players to control the falling blocks using arrow keys and rotate them using the ‘up’ key. The ‘space’ key allows for an instant drop to the bottom.

  3. Game Loop: The project includes a game loop that continuously updates the game state, handles player input, and renders the game screen. The loop also checks for collisions, clears complete rows, and spawns new blocks.

  4. Random Block Generation: Random Tetris blocks are generated for the player to control, and a preview of the next block is shown on the side.

  5. Scoring: The game keeps track of the player’s score based on the number of rows cleared. The score is displayed on the game screen.

  6. Game Over: When a block reaches the top of the game board, the game ends, and a “Game Over” message is displayed. Players can restart the game by pressing the ‘ESC’ key.

Project results :

The project successfully recreates the classic Tetris game with a simple user interface, random block generation, and scoring. Players can enjoy the game by manipulating the falling blocks to clear rows and achieve the highest score possible.

Related Project:

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These related projects share the common theme of game development and can serve as stepping stones for creating more complex and entertaining games using Python and game development libraries like Pygame.

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