Wish Mart

Wish Mart


Adam Smith


Graphic Designing


2 Week

Project overview :

Wishmart, an Amazon seller, offers a range of products including black rubber bar mats and Mylar bags. The black rubber bar mats are designed for both home and restaurant use, featuring lightweight, easy-to-clean, and non-toxic properties. Additionally, Wishmart provides Mylar bags, available in packs of 25 and 10, specifically designed for 5-gallon use. This project involved the creation of post designs for Wishmart, intended for use on their
website and Amazon product listings.

What we did for this project :

As a company specializing in graphic design, we took on the following key responsibilities for Wishmart:


Multi-Platform Integration: The post designs we created were versatile, suitable for use not only on Wishmart’s website but also on their Amazon product listings. This approach maintained a cohesive and professional product image across various online platforms.

Product Representation: It was essential to ensure that the designs accurately represented the product features and intended use. This level of accuracy played a crucial role in conveying product details to potential customers.

Design Creation: We crafted visually appealing post designs for Wishmart’s products, with a focus on highlighting their features and benefits. These designs aimed to attract potential customers and convey the value of the products.

Project results :

The project yielded the following outcomes:

  1. Enhanced Product Presentation: The post designs significantly improved the presentation of Wishmart’s products, making them more appealing and informative to potential customers. This, in turn, contributed to increased product visibility and potential sales.
  2. Strengthened Product Identity: The designs accurately represented the products’ features and intended use, enhancing customers’ understanding of the products. This, in turn, fostered trust among potential customers.
  3. Versatile Marketing Assets: The designs’ versatility allowed Wishmart to effectively utilize them on both their website and Amazon product listings. This unified their marketing efforts and maintained a consistent and professional product image.

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